Leadership we can trust for County Court at Law#4

Judicial Experience

For over 7 years, Sheila Garcia Bence has served in a judicial capacity as a Juvenile Court Referee, providing guidance, structure and support to troubled youth. Young people that have fallen through the cracks learn the meaning of responsibility and discipline in Sheila’s court, helping them get on the right track,

Experienced Prosecutor & Advocate for Children

Sheila Garcia Bence served as Assistant District Attorney in Cameron County, supporting Child Protective Services, handling juvenile justice cases, and prosecuting criminals. In private practice, she focused on criminal, juvenile justice and family law, earning a reputation as a strong advocate for children in our criminal and civil courts.

Political Reformer

Sheila Garcia Bence believes those in charge of our courts must still do more to regain the trust of the people. Sheila is fighting to end compadrismo by reforming the ad litem system- assigning work to attorneys in a rotation system that removes political favoritism.