Los Asados Harlingen, Tx

Who knew Santa liked Mexican food!

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San Benito Christmas Parade

It’s Saturday night in San Benito and Team Bence is ready for the city’s annual Christmas parade!🌲

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Mistletoe & Martinis

Great evening catching up with old friends and supporting a worthy cause. The Moody Clinic helps children with special needs -Mistletoe & Martinis is one of their fundraisers

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Brownsville’s Christmas Parade

We were so excited to be in Brownsville for The Christmas Parade! Thank you Brownsville

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Rio Hondo Christmas Parade

Thank you Rio Hondo for the great crowd and awesome weather at last nights Christmas Parade!

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Friendship of Women

Bowling this morning for Friendship of Women Bowling Tournament.🎳💜

Domestic violence is never ok.

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Holiday Social

It’s that time of year and I want to thank the people who took time out of their busy schedules to join our Holiday Social yesterday- much thanks! Here are a few pictures from last night

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